Believe it or not the first time your prospective date will see you is your profile. Your profile will allow singles to make their mind up whether they want to get to know you better or not. So it’s crucial to make your profile page as captivating and interesting as possible. Follow these three golden rules of e-dating, provided courteously by Muslimdatingforfree.com, for free:
#1: Be different, be yourself.
You have now entered the world of internet dating, you may’ve noticed there’s some tough competition. It’s now time to set yourself apart from the rest and show singles something new something that’ll arouse their interests. You should sift through the hundreds of other profiles on our website and see what they’re all saying, and then don’t say what they’re saying. This will hopefully set you apart and put you ahead of the crowd but always be yourself. Plus, some people feel that their Muslimdatingforfree.com profile is a place to pen their autobiography, in all honesty chances are the more you write the tenuous it’ll become to read. You should write a short and snappy profile page, about one minute long, enough to grip people’s interests. Then you can talk to the people who have an interest in you in depth.
#2: Bouncing cheques aren’t very good.
You have ‘no children’ and ‘enjoy partaking in occasional paragliding’. Writing something unique and extroverted may seem an attractive option at the time but over time the truth always prevails. In Surah 40:28 it clearly states ‘Truly Allah guides not one who transgresses and lies.’ Don’t do it. If you say you’re funny, try and demonstrate it on your page. If you describe yourself as intelligent chances are your prospective partner will actually require you to have a qualification or two. Deem yourself as a success? A full-time job might be a precursor of saying that. And no if you pride yourself on being a big literature appreciator, Simpsons comics probably don’t count! I suggest you ask a close friend to at least vet the page, for any factual in accuracies you may’ve placed in your page.
#3: Love Lingo
If you’re an online dating veteran or a web geek you may feel compelled to write in internet lingo. Not everyone knows that you mean ‘handsome Muslim male in search of sexy Sunni female’ when you write HMM ISO SSF, some people will just be ROFLing at your terminology, it’s time to step down a notch in your e-lingo, before singles start saying G2G or TTYL on a regular basis! Keep in mind that some people may have joined the interweb because of pioneering geniuses such as Muslimdatingforfree.com and may not know of these swanky internet acronyms, to be frank most regular online daters may not be aware of all of them, so limit it down a tad. And no, we’re not j/k.

Good luck and Allah Akbar! 

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